Sunny Bay

Sunny Bay

The reclamation will provide about 60 – 100 hectares of developable land in northern Lantau Island.


The potential reclamation site at Sunny Bay can be developed as an entertainment and business node of regional significance, which will foster the sustainable economic development of Lantau and Hong Kong.

Create synergy with other tourist attractions on Lantau
According to the statutory Outline Zoning Plan, the reclamation area in Sunny Bay can be planned for uses compatible with tourism and recreation in future
Reinforce Hong Kong's position as a regional tourism hub and events capital in Asia, provide a marina and water sports centre
Create business and job opportunities which will also benefit Hong Kong and Tung Chung New Town
Benefitted from its strategic location near the airport, create a business park and promote integrated business and commercial development

Challenges and Initial Responses

Habitats of ecological importance are found to the west of the proposed reclamation site, and there are records of Chinese White Dolphins in nearby waters. The proposed site will not encroach on these areas. Rejuvenation of natural habitats along the artificial shoreline near Sunny Bay can be explored
Close to fish culture zone. Impact on fisheries should be considered
The future planning should take into account the potential development constraint due to the noise induced by the aircraft
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